Friday Faves - An Industrial Modern Refresh

It is time for another one of my Favorite Finds Friday Posts! These little interior decorating ideas come out every other Friday and feature a room vignette from my new favorite products I’ve recently come across. This week, I was inspired by the changing season in the Carolinas and am bringing you ways to add in fall inspired colors in an understated way.

You can get all of the items shown here for a pinch under $4,500!! PLUS most of these vendors offer special promo codes if you give them your email address!

So let me first just start by saying, I hate to decorate for the holidays or the season. SAAY WHAAA?! .. I know, please don’t yell at me, but I’m not one who likes to constantly swap out my decor choices. I will welcome heavier textures for blankets and pillows in the winter and lighter woven fabrics in the summer, but that’s honestly it. Well, I go ALL out for Christmas because it is hands-down my favorite holiday! Anyway, back to this post… I decided adding in some burnt shades of orange and red would be a perfect idea to up that fall-ish vibe.

Industrial Modern Living Room Interior Design Idea with shoppable links Interior Decorating Ideas #affiliate

You can shop the look by clicking on the links below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I get a small commission back if you make a purchase. It allows me to continue to bring you fresh content. Not all of them are affiliated, I make sure to keep my designs ethics ;)

Sofa $999 Chair $1294 Coffee Tables $388 Vase $50
Rust Pillow $40 !! Lumbar Pillow on Chair $99 Area Rug $540 Frame $34
Lumbar Pillow on Sofa $119 Accent Table $518 Bone Beads $88
Blanket $149

Beads are a perfect way to add in an additional layer of interest! There are so many places you could put beads in your industrial modern living room to add softness like drape them over the side of a vase or bowl. Tie the ends together, loop them into an 8 and place them in a tray. My favorite beads are almost always from McGee and Co. My second favorite source to purchase beads from is St. Frank. Check out these beautiful options:

If you notice, I didn’t over-do it or go with something obvious like a leaf pattern on a pillow. This allows you to keep your new decor as current and not have to swap out leaf pillows for poinsettia pillows. Take my neighbor who moved in to their place right before Christmas. They bought their first welcome mat ever - A Christmas one with ornaments on it. It was cute I guess, but come the spring, she didn’t want to spend money on something she would rarely see! So her Holiday Themed Welcome Mat stayed there all year round. I honestly wanted to get her a Welcome Mat for Christmas, but I never did - maybe this year.