Favorite Finds Friday - A Bedroom Update

Okay, for all you newbies out there, I should first tell you, I tend to like more masculine pieces. This works out GREAT for design decisions in my house, but I know a lot of you out there would love to know how to get what you want in your room designs as well as make your significant other happy. WELLLLLL some clients I’ve worked with have the best husbands who really don’t care how many throw pillows are on the bed, or what is floral or ruffled, but those are few and far between!

Thankfully, I have a few designer tips for all of you out there trying to appease your stubborn husband with new decor ideas!
1. The fewer the better. This approach works best with anything decor related. Number of throw pillows? The fewer the better. Decorative accents? The fewer the better. Art or Framed memories? Same. The fewer the better.
2. Colors and Texture should be most prominent. I suggest keeping patterns down to a minimum, but add in layers of texture. In the Friday Faves below, I have soft pillows and blankets, and added in woven baskets for planters.
3. Function over Fluff. You can convince your significant other of your design selections if there is a need. In the design below, I selected pendant lights over nightstands. Forget the decorative lamps surrounded by a picture frame and a floral arrangement, these pendant lights will do the trick AND look gorgeous.

Favorite Finds Friday, a bedroom design featuring ways to update your bedroom with some colorful and funky mid-century modern pieces with masculine lines. All products have shoppable links to purchase this look. How to update your bedroom.
  1. Bed

  2. Pendants

  3. Throw Pillow

  4. Throw Pillow [Out of Stock]

  5. Throw Blanket

  6. Area Rug

  7. Baskets / Planters [Similiar]

  8. Faux Tree [Similar]