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Luxe Guest Bedroom E-Design

This project pushed me out of my Mid-Century Modern / Modern Boho comfort zone! The client wanted a luxe guest bedroom fit for royalty. Don't cha know, everything is bigger in Texas, so this client had a great budget for adding the final touches and went for the option with 9 pillows. 

The Budget: Up to $10,000 (We maxed it out so we could by add some custom curtains)

The Existing Pieces: Upholstered Bed, Nightstands, Dresser, Desk, and Woven Shade. 

Take a look at the room views, final floor plan, elevations for art placement, and the concept boards.

Luxe En Suite Guest Bathroom E-Design

This project was a repeat e-design client so I knew almost exactly what she wanted! She was mainly looking to refresh her bathroom and after the initial concepts were presented, I was asked to provide options for flooring too. She wanted a luxe update to coordinate with her newly designed Luxe Bedroom.  

The Budget: Up to $10,000 in Materials (including the cost of the future floors)

The Existing: Wall tile, shower faucet, towel bar, toilet, vanity, linen cabinet, wall mirror, and wall sconces.  

Take a look at the room views, final floor plan, elevations for art placement, and the concept boards.


Vintage inspired Mid-Century Master Bedroom E-Design

This bedroom design features a vintage dresser and a pair of nightstands. First and foremost, I always suggest shopping locally for vintage because online, items aren't returnable. For this project, we mixed price points to afford the vintage items and matched them with affordable furniture and accessories. 

The Budget: $5,000

The Existing: The window treatments. 

Take a look at the room views, final floor plan, and the concept boards.


Airy Living Room with a Cali Vibe E-Design

This living room design was from the repeat client above [with the Vintage Mid-Century Bedroom] who wanted to have a bright and airy living room. The challenge: the client had an existing dark sectional and they didn't want a light area rug because they sit and watch TV while they eat dinner. I'm all about designing a room based on functionality and usability, so ran with it. I think I showed this client 28 rugs before we found JUST the right combination of function and aesthetic, but the important thing is the client is happy! 

The Budget: $3,500

The Existing: The Sofa, Entertainment Center, Coffee Table, Chair, Boomerang, Woven Shades, and the Wall Plates. 

Take a look at the room views, final floor plan, the concept boards, and pillow combination options!


Upscale Office Lounge E-Design; Multiple Options

I don't always do office projects, but when I do, I make them look great! This office was all about high fashion and comfort. In the office furniture world, approval over individual items is not the best way to approach a design, so I gave my client THREE FULL OPTIONS with three different vibes and they decided which one to purchase. Which one is your favorite? I love #2 the best with the more Global / Modern Boho vibe. 

The Budget: $20,000

The Existing: The desk and chairs on the floor plan, as well as the paint and carpet.

Take a look at the room views, items, and layout options presented!


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