Get to know me better 

You can usually find me working at home in yoga pants, a tank top, and more than likely wearing an Oliva Pope-worthy sweater because I am always cold.  But hey, “cold hands; warm heart” right?!

If you are looking for my professional qualifications instead, I have that too – look over to the right / or down below if you’re on a phone - - otherwise continue to read my story.

I grew up in a fairly small town in Connecticut – depending on the time of year. My home town is Mansfield, better known from the postal name of Storrs; home of the University of Connecticut.  Most people know our College Basketball Programs or the amazing medical programs, but many don’t realize it originally was an Agricultural School. Yes, I am talking about FARMING! There was literally a barn across the street from where I grew up! So I love a country drive on a winding road, going on hikes, and just experiencing the weather and breeze.

My design style you ask?
The short version: Modern Boho.

The longer version:

  • First: I believe a room should be a reflection of a person’s personality.

  • Secondly, I like to create livable interiors at an affordable rate.

Most of my projects are completed with a splurge and save mentality; splurge on good bones and save on accessories. My favorite design style is Mid-Century Modern with a pinch of Scandinavian, a dash of minimalism, and a shake of Bohemian elements. Most of my designs have color, layers of texture, and of course, greenery.

Years from now, I want you to have created the best memories in the family and pet-friendly interiors we create together. Yes, we can find $400 pillows (yes, you read that right), but mostly, my wish is for those sectionals to get popcorn on them while having a movie night and feel like you can breathe and not worry about the little spills.

Amanda Dixon Interior Designer Specializing in E-Design

Hey Guys!

I find the whole third person standard to be so dry, so forget that! This is written by ME, for YOU; that's all that matters.

I am a formally trained Interior Designer with over 13 years' experience in the industry, including 2 and a half years of E-Design experience on large e-design platforms.

I am always smiling and am truly obsessed with interiors! I want to make your home a special retreat you can relax in, entertain in, and most importantly get your dream home. Don't have enough money for your DREAM dream home? No problem, we can make a beautiful room on a budget.

Let's have some fun and get designing!!


My Creds 

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design, Endicott College

Work Experience: 13 years working remotely with a very High End Interiors Company

Office Interiors: 3 years working on Commercial Projects

  2.5 years working on E-Design
  2 years as Lead CAD Specialist
  1 year as Design Manager

Computer Programs: AutoCad

Space Planning
3-D Renderings
Photoshop Design
Custom Furniture Design
Presentation Packaging
Finish and Material Selections
Furniture Specifications


Style & Design, All Online


Now that you know what fuels me and how much I love designing, hop on over to see how I can be of service to you by clicking HERE!