3 Ways to Style a Foyer

Hey Guys,

First impressions are everything. Whether it is meeting a new friend, the future in-laws, or an interviewer, we all know to put our best foot forward. We look the part, we act the part, and we want to show our amazing personalities. So why not do that with our homes, more specifically, our foyers?

This whole How to Style a Foyer series came about when I went to my friend’s house. Before I continue with the story, I have to tell you, I’m constantly convincing my friends and family I’m not judging their interiors. I certainly don’t have a perfect home or keep a perfectly neat house, but my friends feel the need to apologize to me for the mess or lack of décor. We can call that a designer’s curse.

Anyway, I walk into my friend’s home and she instantly apologized, told me she knows she needs to do something in her entry, but had ZERO CLUE where to begin. I was honestly shocked! The designer in me knows it is hard for some people to finish styling a space or envision how something might look, but we are constantly being shown beautiful homes. How could someone not be able to pull inspiration from Pinterest, TV shows, commercials, magazines, and other houses? So I instantly start spouting out option after option of potential ways to style a foyer. Her eyes instantly glazed over with that feeling of too much to narrow it down. I told her I would get together a couple foyer solutions I love and show how I would style the space. Not wanting to charge for design or make her feel like she needed to purchase what I suggested, I told her I would turn it into a blog series! Win – win – win!

Whatever you foyer size, you should have a place to plop things down, put on shoes, and most importantly - show off personality. A good design hits the following 3 criteria: Personality – Budget – Function. So I went ahead and designed 3 different ways to Style a Foyer (semi-budget friendly too). Yes, I could have styled a foyer table 3 ways, but how a foyer functions is more important than trying selecting decor. Did we want a mirror and table, did we want statement art and a bench, or did we want a place to hang coats and put on shoes?

How to style a foyer option 1 – Console Table, Mirror, Wall Scones, and decor a shoppable look Style and Design, All Online E-design with Manda at Interior Style Studio. Looking for 3 really different ways to style a foyer? Check out the blog post for styling a foyer with a console table, a foyer with a bench, or a foyer with a coat rack! All products are linked for easy shopping

Foyer 1:
Find a mirror that just makes a statement. This one is from Uttermost and has a really unique frame design. Next up, find a foyer table you think rocks – I loved this simple-lined one.  Then I found these sexy streamlined wall sconces. It was love at first sight and I instantly stopped looking (well, I scrolled down to the end of the page, but didn’t even bother hitting the next arrow). I have been obsessed with felt ottomans for quite a while now and these Design Within Reach ones do not disappoint! Once you have the bones, find a small floral, a couple books, and pop in a sculpture set! Call this one a day. Yes, you will need an electrician to hook up the sconces, but in my book, it is SO worth it! Not feeling a mirror? Maybe we should try art instead. . .

How to style a foyer option 2 – statement art, bench, area rug, and pillows a shoppable look This is the second option out of 3 ways to style a foyer. Check out the other ways to style a foyer with a console table OR coat rack. Dream Home Interior Design Tips, How to add style to your home, how to fix a house feeling flat.

Foyer 2:
Art can be everything to a space, but if you just have a piece of art hanging in your foyer, it might be feeling flat. If you have a large piece, I’m talking over 42” wide, try hanging it a little higher and placing a bench underneath. This photograph of Joshua Tree, taken by Wilder California made me stop dead in my tracks and inspired the rest of the foyer. If you love the art option, please make sure you START with the ART and not find the art to work with the pillows. Yes you can find art to work with the pillows you fell in love with, but my guess is you will be settling. There are so many pillow vendors out there, plus you can always make pillows if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. The next thing I searched for was the bench. Scale is first – make sure the bench is wider than your art. This modern leather bench in gray was perfect and I stopped again.  Stop looking when you find THE PIECE. Next up was this STUNNING hexagon hair-on-hide area rug.  It has so many tones in it and textures, it really ties the bench to the art – just make sure your guests don’t wipe their feet on it! Lastly select the pillows and a blanket. To select the best colors for the art, my best tip is this: squint at the picture. When I squinted at this Joshua Tree print, I saw blue, green, and beige with a hint of flesh tones. Went to my favorite pillow vendors and found these beautiful muted options. Finish the bench off with the blanket. I know, I know, no one will even use this blanket, but it helps to anchor the décor. Maybe one day it will be used as a quick wrap-up to answer the door, but I bet it will more than likely just sit there and look pretty.

How to style a foyer 3 – coat rack, art ledge, and bench a shoppable look This is the third option out of 3 ways to style a foyer. Check out the other ways to style a foyer with a console table OR Statement Art. Dream Home Interior Design Tips, How to add style to your home, how to fix a house feeling flat. How to fake a foyer, how to pop in color, how to layer art on a ledge

Foyer 3:
This is your go-to option if you need to fake a foyer, have a small foyer, or have a family / dog. I started this foyer by selecting the perfect coat rack system and found a picture ledge in the same size to make a custom look. The bench and ledge are from the same company, and are powder coated in this Ocean Color. For a catch-all, find a couple baskets and toss them under the bench. Select fun art to reflect your personality, and don’t forget a black and white photo from your life. Mine is my Doxie, Luna – looking all crazy like a fox! When layering art on a ledge, make sure you mix and match the frames – a matching set is so boring. Punch up the space with a couple pillows and call this foyer a day!

To shop the look, use the following links below:

Foyer Pop 1:
Sconces $740 each
Mirror $324
Console Table $559 on sale at Wayfair RIGHT NOW
Small Floral Arrangement $251 When it comes to faux flowers, you totally get what you pay for!
Book - Chic Stays Only $58 from TARGET!!
Ottomans $295 (color shown is aqua)
Sculpture - $84, back in stock December 4th

Foyer Pop 2:
Art 54” x 40” with an upgraded Copper Frame and white border. (Add a mat for an extra $100, change the frame, or pick a different size)
Pillow 1 20” x 20” $96 (Insert not included)
Pillow 2 12” x 20” $68 (Insert not included)
Blanket (Exact one is Out of Stock, but I’ve attached an almost identical one from the same vendor)
Bench (No longer available, send me a request and I’ll send you some close alternates)
Area Rug (Price depends on the size, but you can look to spend around $1k here. No shoe prints on this one!!)

Foyer Pop 3:
Ledge $89
Coat Rack $75
Art 1 - Lines
Art 2 - Stairs
Art 3
Pillow 1 - No longer Available
Pillow 2 - No longer Available
Bench 48” wide, $500
Baskets - No longer Available