6 Ergonomic Essentials for a Happier Day at the Office

Hey Guys,

I’m back, but this time with a lengthy shopping post on my favorite ergonomic essentials for a happier and healthier day at the office with product options. I want to start this off with a disclaimer that I am not a medical professional so if you are seeking medical advise, you should see your doctor.

So for those of you never read my bio page I was a design manager for a commercial furniture dealership in my past life specializing in corporate open offices and private office interiors. Providing ergonomic solutions for various tasks, body types, and working styles was one of my favorite parts of office design. We used to joke that sitting where is the new smoking and certainly created a ton of sit to stand workstations to address that.

I sit in my desk chair for the majority of my day for extended parts of my day and like to sit cross legged in my chair – TERRIBLE, I know, but it just happens. Anyway, if you suffer from the same posture issues without the benefits of ergonomics, you will suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, and maybe even Carpal Tunnel.

The top essentials I recommend for your office at work or at home are the same:

1.     An Ergonomic Task Chair, FULLY LOADED with adjustments perfect for your body.

2.     A Keyboard Tray with Attached Mouse

3.     A Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm

4.     A Sit-to-Stand Worksurface OR Sit-to-Stand Converter Station

5.     An LED Task Light

6.     A Health Tracker

Let’s dive right in to the first essential: An Ergonomic Task Chair, FULLY LOADED.
What does fully loaded mean? Well, almost every manufacturer of chairs creates a stripped down version of the chair which is obviously more affordable, but isn’t what you should purchase. An ergonomic chair is an investment in your health – just like your mattress is because of the time spent and pressure on the spine. Fully loaded features include a seat slider, fully adjustable arms, and can also include features like lumbar support, adjustable back height, and a tilt limiter.

seat adjustments

A seat slider means you can adjust the forward placement of the seat. Adjust the seat so the front of the seat barely hits the backside of your knee so it bends freely. It can also be adjusted to cradle the tush just so.

Fully Adjustable Arms are important because it allows the user to determine the width, height, and sometimes the angle of the arm pad. The width is important if you are purchasing the chair for a variety of people and sizes. You shouldn’t actually rest your elbows on arm rests while doing typical office work, but that being said, I still feel like I NEED them! Lol

Lumbar Support is important for lower back pain or to prevent lower back pain. It also encourages the user to sit up with correct posture. (depending on the chair, this might be integrated into the chair design)

Adjustable Back Height is especially important for the big and tall user because it allows the chair back to cradle you. Also a great feature if you are purchasing general ergonomic solutions for an entire office.

Tilt Limiter is my FAVORITE feature, mostly available from Herman Miller task chairs. It allows the user to set the tilt angle of the chair to STOP so you only lean back a specific amount. I like it so much more than just cranking up the tension on the chair.

OKAY, now that you have all the vocab words on chairs, I’m going to tell you a bit about my top 3 favorite chairs! The Mirra 2 Task Chair, The Sayl Task Chair, and The Diffrient World Mesh Swivel Desk Chair.

The Mirra 2 Task Chair is my all-time favorite chair because it has a mesh seat and molded polymer back with lazer caved holes providing support and breathability. The chair really moves with you and the mesh seat is great for sitting comfortably for longer periods of time. It comes with a tilt limiter so you can talk on the phone / chat with a co-worker in a relaxed position. (Some chairs offer a back-lock, but only locks the chair in an upright fixed position - - THAT was not for me. I also have really broad shoulders so the wide back cradles me perfectly). If you aren’t as broad as I am, then you may want to check out the Sayl Task Chair.

The Sayl Task Chair features a Y-shaped back support structure which provides full support like a spine and flexibility for bending and stretching. This chair is a bit less expensive with a cloth seat and typical seat cushion. The seat cushion is comfortable, but not too comfortable you forget to get up and move around throughout the day. Also features a 4-position tilt limiter so you can control which specific positions work best for you.

The Diffrient World Mesh Swivel Desk Chair instantly became one of my favorite ergonomic chairs with its sleek design and features designed INTO the chair instead of upgrades. The arms are attached to back, so as you lean back in the chair, the angle of the arms change with the body. Lumbar support is integrated into the chair design with a perfect curve that supports and cradles the back. Sit in this chair for extended periods and you won’t be disappointed!

A Keyboard Tray is the next essential on the check list. You want to work so you wrists are relaxed, your hands are at an inverted angle tapping on your keyboard, and the height should be lower than your worksurface height. What is an inverted angle you ask?? Well, you know those little kick stand feet keyboards came with? That creates a positive tilt and is ALL WRONG. You want those fingers to be below your wrist. It also frees up that crucial desk space when you want to write in a notebook or on an ipad.

A Fully Adjustable Monitor Arm is the best thing you can purchase for yourself. If you have a limited budget for ergonomic improvements, this is where I would start. You want to make sure your neck is straight while working and your eyes hit the monitor just over the halfway point. If you are constantly looking down at your screen you will develop “Tech Neck” which is a newish term for the curvature of the top of your spine as a result from looking down at devices. Purchase your monitor arm by clicking here and changing the specs for your monitor situation.

A Sit-to-Stand Desk is great for your health and posture! Imagine being able to stand while you work. It isn’t for everyone, but it is nice to have an option. If you are overweight or can’t leave your desk for most of the day, then I highly recommend investing in one. My favorite Sit-to-Stand table is the Float table by Humanscale because it is super easy to adjust and doesn’t require to be plugged in. You can also purchase my favorite converter if you don’t want the entire surface to move up and down, you can just have your computer setup adjust up and down. What I don’t LOVE about it is the lack of space around the work surface. That being said, it is a MUCH more affordable solution!

The last two I can write in one short paragraph since they are more obvious essentials. Lighting makes a world of difference and not only helps eye strain, but makes it so you don’t have to lean in to see the details. Adjustable LED task lights are the best since LED last forever and sometimes you can even choose if you want a warm or cool light temperature. Lastly, a health tracker is a great idea to remind you to move around and walk so you aren’t stuck with zero movement. I currently have a Fitbit Versa Lite in Marine Blue (you know, MY color) and love the encouragement it gives me to get a minimum of 250 steps per hour so I’m not just stationary all day churning out work.

Take a look at my essentials listed below and reach out if you have any questions or are in need of an ergonomic solution for your home or corporate office. If you are an employee at an office, you may be surprised they would spend $1000 on your health. Some businesses require a doctor’s recommendation, but a lot of companies are proud and happy to offer ergonomic solutions for happier and healthier employees. There should also be government funding you/they can get through grants to provide ergonomic improvements.

ergonomic essentials for a happier day at the office

6. Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

7. Link LED Desk Lamp, Medium [Also Available in colors and different mounting styles]

8. Flute Personal Task Light

9. Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp [You can pick the light temperature cool or warm]

10. FitBit Versa Lite

California Casual Bedroom 1

Hey Guys!

Me again…. So I know it has been AGES since my last post, so I guess I should take a brief minute to play catch-up! … I relocated from Charlotte, NC to Port Saint Lucie FLORIDA with my 2 crazy cats and happy wiener dog. There’s more to my story, but that’s all I am going to share in this post! SO since I am loving this sun and palm tree weather, I am leaning in more toward my favorite design style - - California Casual Design!!

I have always been super into Modern Boho Interiors with a strong mid-century influence and masculine lines. While I will still be working on those projects, I am also feeling the pull of soft tones and beachy textures and would love to embrace the new casual lifestyle.

SO all that being out of the way, LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!

Bedroom Design California Casual vibe room setup.jpg

For this one, I mixed a high Modern look of the Figure Drawing Artwork and A-lined Chair with a transitional spindle bed and muted area rug. Keeping it casual and not matchy-matchy, I decided to mix and match side tables with varying wood tones. Personally, I love mixing a rectangular nightstand with a round table, but also think this look is best in a guest bedroom. Something about the vibe just works. I’m a sucker for solid bedding. This duvet and sham set is a stonewashed linen which gives it a vintage feel and luxurious European Flax hand. Popping in distressed hand dyed pillows with a ticking stripe pattern and Cactus Silk patterned lumbar pillow act as the focal point. Finishing off this pretend room design, I added in transitional decor with a wild flower bouquet, a neutral Hydrangea Stem, and a faux olive tree placed in a wicker planter basket.

My Designer Tip of this post: Don’t Forget to DECORATE!

Even the prettiest rooms can wind up feeling flat. Why? Well, my simple answer is, if you don’t have the following things in your room texture / pattern / greenery / meaningful decor your room feels flat. Do you need real greenery? No. Do you need to spend a ton of money on blankets, pillows. decor, and art? No. Pick pieces that are meaningful to you. Go to Home Goods and find something inexpensive and mix it in with more expensive item - - No one will notice. Go to Walmart and find a Gem to display - - No one will notice. Go to Target and shop shop shop - - No one will care WHERE the items came from or ask how much you paid for something.

Bedroom Design California Casual vibe a shoppable design

Shop the California Casual inspired bedroom mini design with the links below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I get a small commission back if you make a purchase. It allows me to continue to bring you fresh content.

Square Pillows
Lumbar Pillow
Throw Blanket



Light Fixture

Well I hope you enjoyed this mini design! … Tell me what I should shop for next in the comments below OR by emailing me at manda@sylistmanda.com … Have a specific project you want help with? Fill out my contact form by clicking here.

Talk Soon.


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Modern Boho Pendant Lights

Hey Guys,

Let’s go shopping!!

So you must already know by now, I LOVE to shop! Most people go shopping with their friends and chat about life as they cruise around whatever store, but me, I critique the products! LOL Shopping for other people has always been so much fun for me - Add that to the list of reasons I became an Interior Designer.

Today, I shopped for some modern boho pendant lights in medium to large sizes, perfect over a kitchen table, over a bed, in a nursery, or even hung in a cluster. Some of these options are casual and simply need a light kit to plug-in and go while others are hardwired and need to be installed by an electrician.

Modern Boho Pendants I love a shoppable list of my favorite modern boho lighting

Shop the bohemian inspired pendant lights with the links below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I get a small commission back if you make a purchase. It allows me to continue to bring you fresh content.

  1. Large Hammock Pendant design by Cyan Design



  4. Bungalow Chandelier

  5. Tiered Rattan Pendant


  7. Manhattan Pendant

  8. Laika 1-Light Drum Pendant

  9. fringe faux leather pendant light

  10. love one another natural pendant light

  11. Santa Barbara Pendant

  12. Basket Weave Bamboo Pendant Lamp

Tell me what I should shop for next by emailing me at manda@sylistmanda.com … Have a specific project you want help with? Fill out my contact form by clicking here.

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Friday Favorite Finds - Modern Geometric Living Room

Hey Guys,

It’s time for another Favorite Friday Finds Post! If this is your first Favorite Finds Friday Post, you will see they have evolved a bit from when I first started showing off my favorite finds. I used to post just random items I loved and found that week, BUT now I am sending them off in little design vignettes so you can visualize them better. In this living room design example, I fell in LOVE with this modern boho area rug and paired it with some of my favorite geometric accessories.

Modern Geometric Living Room a shoppable Design

I love a sectional in a living room, and this bench sectional definitely does not disappoint! This left facing sectional in Charcoal Gray is 120” W x 67” D and is the perfect sofa for hanging out with friends. Homebody like me? Well this sofa has a seating depth of 27.5” so is perfect for getting cozy and watching Netflix. I recently purchased a sofa with lower back pillows like this sofa and am so in love with how it sits!!

You can shop the look by clicking on the links below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I get a small commission back if you make a purchase. It allows me to continue to bring you fresh content. Not all of them are affiliated, I make sure to keep my designs ethics ;)

Area Rug
Coffee Table

Accent Table

Do you have a room that needs a new design? Hop on over to the services page to purchase an e-design package right now or check out some past projects by clicking over to the e-design page.

Talk Soon,


Mountain Bedroom Design

I was inspired to complete this Shoppable Mountain Bedroom Design for a neutral master bedroom or guest bedroom idea. This bedroom features a channeled headboard, plug-in wall sconces, white bedding, and a tufted bench at the foot of the bed. Read on to find why I made the suggestions, and scroll to the bottom to shop this design.

Mountain Bedroom Design for a neutral master bedroom or guest bedroom idea. Shoppable design featuring channeled headboard, plug-in wall sconces, white bedding, and a tufted bench at the foot of the bed

SO I am obsessed with wall sconces over a nightstand! They really open your room up and make the nightstand have more usable space as well as allowing for strategic decor placement. The wall sconces I’m suggesting to you guys is a sexy and sleek plug-in wall sconce from CB2! A plug-in wall sconce is perfect for all you existing home owners! Skip the electrician fees and install these bad boys yourself! All you need is a drill / screw driver, tape measure / level, and a pencil. I recommend dividing your nightstand into thirds and mount the wall sconce to the outside third of the nightstand. Now, when it comes to the height, it really depends on the specific wall sconce and the height of your headboard. Shoot me a message if you have a specific question on where you should hang yours!

Since we have all this amazing room on the nightstands without lamps, we can really ADD STYLE to them! I usually love night chests over smaller nightstands to allow for more room, but since chests are normally a lot more expensive than more standard nightstands, a wall sconce makes them work! The beautiful nightstands featured in this design are only 20” wide so are perfect for a small bedroom space.

On one side, I have a marble standing picture frame with a clock in front of it and a ceramic vase with a faux eucalyptus bunch. On the other side, a framed picture of eucalyptus with a couple books stacked in front of it. On top of the books, a candle, a small storage container, and then a bold decorative object.


Designer Tip: If your bedroom is feeling flat, you need to add more layers with decor, textures, pattern, and artwork.


I’m obsessed with white bedding! Why White Bedding? Well, for a few reasons. First, white bedding is easy to clean because all you need is some bleach. Second, hotels always have crisp white bedding, so our minds think white bedding is elegant and high style. Third, white goes with everything! We can swap out pillows and accents whenever we want without having to change the bedding. Lastly, a dark bed cover can feel like a black hole in a small room, whereas white bedding will make your bedroom look larger. SO if you have kids and think their dirty feet will ruin your bedding, see point one.

To complete this bedroom design, I added a large framed print above the velvet channeled headboard, pillows, throw blanket, tufted bench, and area rug. Hang the art above the bed 6-8” for a standard 8’ ceiling.

You can shop the look by clicking on the links below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I get a small commission back if you make a purchase. It allows me to continue to bring you fresh content. Not all of them are affiliated, I make sure to keep my designs ethics ;)

Happy Shopping! If you loved this shoppable design, you should check out some Friday Favorite Designs

Black and White Bathroom

matte black bathroom design

I’ve been pinning soooooo many bathrooms with a combined walk-in shower and tub area that have fixed glass ‘splash-guards,’ I decided to present one to an amazing client! I try not to go overly trendy in my designs, but this bathroom is a sure show-stopper.

Frameless glass offers a sleek look with high style and really helps seal the deal to create a contemporary bathroom.

This bathroom will have it all: 
– Matte Black Shower / Faucet Package (including shower column handheld)
– Teak Wall-Mounted Top (with towel bars to hide exposed plumbing)
– Trough-Style Vessel Bowl Sink
– Single-mount Faucet
– Medicine Cabinet
– Mini-Pendants hanging from the ceiling (giving enough clearance to open the medicine cabinet)
– Freestanding Tub – perfect for soaking those stressful away
– Cement Floor Tiles
– Glass Wall Tiles
– Dark Accent Wall Tiles

To see my other Bathroom Pins, CLICK HERE

Designer Tip – To save a little money on your shower package, pick a shower column with an attached hand-held shower because you only need one water supply!

Shop the look with the Links Below:

Tub Filler and Handheld $2,224

Single Handle Faucet $455 (with drain assembly)

Handshower $337

Shower Head $525

Cement Tile

3″ x 12″ Glass Tiles (These aren’t the exact ones, but super similar and cheaper!)

12″ x 24″ Tiles (12” x 24” Tiles are no longer available, so I’ve linked the 18”x 18” tile)

Freestanding Tub $2700 (this gorgeous baby is available in other sizes too)

Sink $358

Mini Pendants $320

Vanity Counter $529 for 61” x 22” Lots of sizes available - - I am SOOOOO Obsessed with this look.

Favorite Finds Friday - Living Room Post 2

It’s time for another Favorite Friday Finds Post. If this is your first Favorite Finds Friday Post, you will see they have evolved a bit from when I first started showing off my favorite finds. I used to post just random items I loved and found that week. BUT now I am sending them off in little design vignettes so you can visualize them better. In this example, I fell in LOVE with new pillows from McGee and Co and then decided to design a living room update.

My favorite design style is Modern Boho filled with textures and tribal accents, and this living room is exactly that!

Do you need ideas to refresh your current living room? Check out this shoppable living room design for all your modern boho living room ideas.

I’ve also been super obsessed with this HUGE coffee table, but have yet to be able to use it in the right design project. SO definitely contact me if you want to use this table, I’ll give you a great deal on my design services so I can photograph this beauty in your home. It is 53” wide “casual octagon” and would be a perfect table for playing board games or for casual entertaining.



Pillow - Greenish Plaid $258 for a 20” x 20” (Insert Sold Separately)
Pillow - Greenish Tribal $268 for a 20” x 20” (Insert Sold Separately)
Pillow - Lumbar on Sofa $180 for a 14” x 20” (Insert Sold Separately)
Pillow - Lumbar on Chair (No longer Available, sorry guys)
Sofa $1900
Coffee Table $1969
Chair $2,798
Throw Blanket $299 (Comes in other colors and a smaller size)
Chair Ottoman $240
Area Rug $529 for rug size 7’-7” x 10’-6” (Additional sizes available)
Light Fixture On sale now for only $357
Decorative Tray $124
Candles $48 Set of 3 (Also available in some other color options)

Do you have a project that needs some attention? Hop on over to the services page to purchase an e-design package right now or check out some past projects by clicking over to the e-design page.

Favorite Finds Friday - A Bedroom Update

Okay, for all you newbies out there, I should first tell you, I tend to like more masculine pieces. This works out GREAT for design decisions in my house, but I know a lot of you out there would love to know how to get what you want in your room designs as well as make your significant other happy. WELLLLLL some clients I’ve worked with have the best husbands who really don’t care how many throw pillows are on the bed, or what is floral or ruffled, but those are few and far between!

Thankfully, I have a few designer tips for all of you out there trying to appease your stubborn husband with new decor ideas!
1. The fewer the better. This approach works best with anything decor related. Number of throw pillows? The fewer the better. Decorative accents? The fewer the better. Art or Framed memories? Same. The fewer the better.
2. Colors and Texture should be most prominent. I suggest keeping patterns down to a minimum, but add in layers of texture. In the Friday Faves below, I have soft pillows and blankets, and added in woven baskets for planters.
3. Function over Fluff. You can convince your significant other of your design selections if there is a need. In the design below, I selected pendant lights over nightstands. Forget the decorative lamps surrounded by a picture frame and a floral arrangement, these pendant lights will do the trick AND look gorgeous.

Favorite Finds Friday, a bedroom design featuring ways to update your bedroom with some colorful and funky mid-century modern pieces with masculine lines. All products have shoppable links to purchase this look. How to update your bedroom.
  1. Bed

  2. Pendants

  3. Throw Pillow

  4. Throw Pillow [Out of Stock]

  5. Throw Blanket

  6. Area Rug

  7. Baskets / Planters [Similiar]

  8. Faux Tree [Similar]

3 Ways to Style a Foyer

Hey Guys,

First impressions are everything. Whether it is meeting a new friend, the future in-laws, or an interviewer, we all know to put our best foot forward. We look the part, we act the part, and we want to show our amazing personalities. So why not do that with our homes, more specifically, our foyers?

This whole How to Style a Foyer series came about when I went to my friend’s house. Before I continue with the story, I have to tell you, I’m constantly convincing my friends and family I’m not judging their interiors. I certainly don’t have a perfect home or keep a perfectly neat house, but my friends feel the need to apologize to me for the mess or lack of décor. We can call that a designer’s curse.

Anyway, I walk into my friend’s home and she instantly apologized, told me she knows she needs to do something in her entry, but had ZERO CLUE where to begin. I was honestly shocked! The designer in me knows it is hard for some people to finish styling a space or envision how something might look, but we are constantly being shown beautiful homes. How could someone not be able to pull inspiration from Pinterest, TV shows, commercials, magazines, and other houses? So I instantly start spouting out option after option of potential ways to style a foyer. Her eyes instantly glazed over with that feeling of too much to narrow it down. I told her I would get together a couple foyer solutions I love and show how I would style the space. Not wanting to charge for design or make her feel like she needed to purchase what I suggested, I told her I would turn it into a blog series! Win – win – win!

Whatever you foyer size, you should have a place to plop things down, put on shoes, and most importantly - show off personality. A good design hits the following 3 criteria: Personality – Budget – Function. So I went ahead and designed 3 different ways to Style a Foyer (semi-budget friendly too). Yes, I could have styled a foyer table 3 ways, but how a foyer functions is more important than trying selecting decor. Did we want a mirror and table, did we want statement art and a bench, or did we want a place to hang coats and put on shoes?

How to style a foyer option 1 – Console Table, Mirror, Wall Scones, and decor a shoppable look Style and Design, All Online E-design with Manda at Interior Style Studio. Looking for 3 really different ways to style a foyer? Check out the blog post for styling a foyer with a console table, a foyer with a bench, or a foyer with a coat rack! All products are linked for easy shopping

Foyer 1:
Find a mirror that just makes a statement. This one is from Uttermost and has a really unique frame design. Next up, find a foyer table you think rocks – I loved this simple-lined one.  Then I found these sexy streamlined wall sconces. It was love at first sight and I instantly stopped looking (well, I scrolled down to the end of the page, but didn’t even bother hitting the next arrow). I have been obsessed with felt ottomans for quite a while now and these Design Within Reach ones do not disappoint! Once you have the bones, find a small floral, a couple books, and pop in a sculpture set! Call this one a day. Yes, you will need an electrician to hook up the sconces, but in my book, it is SO worth it! Not feeling a mirror? Maybe we should try art instead. . .

How to style a foyer option 2 – statement art, bench, area rug, and pillows a shoppable look This is the second option out of 3 ways to style a foyer. Check out the other ways to style a foyer with a console table OR coat rack. Dream Home Interior Design Tips, How to add style to your home, how to fix a house feeling flat.

Foyer 2:
Art can be everything to a space, but if you just have a piece of art hanging in your foyer, it might be feeling flat. If you have a large piece, I’m talking over 42” wide, try hanging it a little higher and placing a bench underneath. This photograph of Joshua Tree, taken by Wilder California made me stop dead in my tracks and inspired the rest of the foyer. If you love the art option, please make sure you START with the ART and not find the art to work with the pillows. Yes you can find art to work with the pillows you fell in love with, but my guess is you will be settling. There are so many pillow vendors out there, plus you can always make pillows if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. The next thing I searched for was the bench. Scale is first – make sure the bench is wider than your art. This modern leather bench in gray was perfect and I stopped again.  Stop looking when you find THE PIECE. Next up was this STUNNING hexagon hair-on-hide area rug.  It has so many tones in it and textures, it really ties the bench to the art – just make sure your guests don’t wipe their feet on it! Lastly select the pillows and a blanket. To select the best colors for the art, my best tip is this: squint at the picture. When I squinted at this Joshua Tree print, I saw blue, green, and beige with a hint of flesh tones. Went to my favorite pillow vendors and found these beautiful muted options. Finish the bench off with the blanket. I know, I know, no one will even use this blanket, but it helps to anchor the décor. Maybe one day it will be used as a quick wrap-up to answer the door, but I bet it will more than likely just sit there and look pretty.

How to style a foyer 3 – coat rack, art ledge, and bench a shoppable look This is the third option out of 3 ways to style a foyer. Check out the other ways to style a foyer with a console table OR Statement Art. Dream Home Interior Design Tips, How to add style to your home, how to fix a house feeling flat. How to fake a foyer, how to pop in color, how to layer art on a ledge

Foyer 3:
This is your go-to option if you need to fake a foyer, have a small foyer, or have a family / dog. I started this foyer by selecting the perfect coat rack system and found a picture ledge in the same size to make a custom look. The bench and ledge are from the same company, and are powder coated in this Ocean Color. For a catch-all, find a couple baskets and toss them under the bench. Select fun art to reflect your personality, and don’t forget a black and white photo from your life. Mine is my Doxie, Luna – looking all crazy like a fox! When layering art on a ledge, make sure you mix and match the frames – a matching set is so boring. Punch up the space with a couple pillows and call this foyer a day!

To shop the look, use the following links below:

Foyer Pop 1:
Sconces $740 each
Mirror $324
Console Table $559 on sale at Wayfair RIGHT NOW
Small Floral Arrangement $251 When it comes to faux flowers, you totally get what you pay for!
Book - Chic Stays Only $58 from TARGET!!
Ottomans $295 (color shown is aqua)
Sculpture - $84, back in stock December 4th

Foyer Pop 2:
Art 54” x 40” with an upgraded Copper Frame and white border. (Add a mat for an extra $100, change the frame, or pick a different size)
Pillow 1 20” x 20” $96 (Insert not included)
Pillow 2 12” x 20” $68 (Insert not included)
Blanket (Exact one is Out of Stock, but I’ve attached an almost identical one from the same vendor)
Bench (No longer available, send me a request and I’ll send you some close alternates)
Area Rug (Price depends on the size, but you can look to spend around $1k here. No shoe prints on this one!!)

Foyer Pop 3:
Ledge $89
Coat Rack $75
Art 1 - Lines
Art 2 - Stairs
Art 3
Pillow 1 - No longer Available
Pillow 2 - No longer Available
Bench 48” wide, $500
Baskets - No longer Available

A Manly Bedroom E-Design

Masculine Bedroom Design for one sexy looking Master. Alright guys, yes you Bachelors out there, you need a great space too! Shop the look to this master bedroom by following the link to the blog. How to style a bedroom, e-designer, virtual interiors, virtual interior design, e-interiors. StylistManda.com Style and Design, All Online

Hello Design Lovers,

This one is for all the men out there – Unless, you’re say, like me and love a masculine design more than white shiplap and pink décor – then you will love this one too!

I love working with women to design a bedroom retreat, and most of the women I work with have husband who just really need to sign off on the design. Usually that means not too much pink, and compromising on mirrored items or how many throw pillows a bed can take! HA! So this Master Bedroom Design was fun to work one-on-one with a single guy. He wanted his master bedroom to feel luxurious, give off some sex appeal (are you laughing yet, because I still can’t help but giggle) and to be comfortable for entertaining.

So what does “Sexy and Sleek” mean to a designer? Well, I can’t speak for all designers, but THIS GIRL has some major thoughts on it! Dark walls with deep saturation anchors the room with a dramatic feel. Then add in some animal hides, horns, furs, and even faux taxidermy to the wall for a manly statement. The sleekness comes into play with the brass accents and clean lines. The bed is very linear, the nightstands have linear carvings on them, and the dresser has the same linear element.

Lastly, I know most men do not care about displaying décor, so I stuck with a few planters for succulents, a leather catchall tray for the nightstand, and a horn bowl for the dresser. Then the room was finished off with a brass light fixture (with adjustable arms), some Aztec inspired pillows and a blanket.

eames lounge.jpg

But, again, if you know me at all yet, my FAVORITE part of the design is that GORGEOUS and SUPER SEXY Eames Lounge Chair in black leather and a walnut shell. (The Palisander shell is also show-stopping)

Take a look at the shopping list below, and if you would like me to shop for you or design a room of your dreams, check out how affordable the plans are, by clicking here. I designed this room in June 2017, so some of the items are no longer available so only the available product is linked. 


The Bed $1,898 in a Queen

Leather Tray $45

Planters $65 (wait list)

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman As shown - $7,095

Nightstands $398 each

Dresser $1,198

Blanket $275

Dwell with Dignity and Wisteria Contest

Soft feminine living room design with links to purchase.

If you aren’t familiar with Dwell with Dignity, they are a wonderful charity which helps families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. To read more about the company and their amazing success stories, click here.

They were founded in 2009 in Dallas, TX and now have a location closer to me in Atlanta. They have completed 97 homes so far, and you NEED to go see the faces when the home is revealed. Kinda like the wonderful / amazement you got to see on that other show – Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They do it in a more realistic manner, but you get the point.

If you aren’t familiar with Wisteria, they are a home decor company located in Dallas, TX with a store front and online store selling treasured finds to give your home personality. To read more about the company and their story, click here.

So by now, I know I was not selected as the 1st round winner, but they will select 3 other wining boards throughout the year. Since I wrote this over a year ago, you cannot shop the looks simply by clicking on their website, so I have added some of the products which are still available for sale. 

This Area Rug is available in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect one for your home!

Decorate your coffee table with these Bud Vases - also perfect for a console table or dining room

The Pink Dahlia Wall Art is what inspired the whole room! The matching art is available

This Moroccan Mirror is a show stopper - perfect for bathrooms or over a console table like I used in this design. 

Glass Waterfall Tables are the perfect solution to make a room feel larger - - they don't take up any visual space! (If you have kids, I would recommend an acrylic table JUST IN CASE)

The Flax Blue Pillows add such a soft elegance and are available in square, rectangular, and kidney shapes!  

This Console is one of my favorite consoles ever! The top drawers are the perfect depth for remotes and you won't be rummaging around to find whatever you threw in there!

A Crystal Lamp always makes such a beautiful statement! This bad boy is 32" High, take THAT you other short lamps! (plus my dog's name is Luna, so it is extra special to me)

This sectional is the most expensive item, but when it comes to picking a sofa, you can't cheap out. If you do, you would just have to purchase another one in two years. 


Start with Art Contest

Inspired by: Miru Kim, Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY, USA 

Inspired by: Miru Kim, Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY, USA 

Twyla held a design competition to get designers to be inspired by artwork and start by designing a room based on the art. I decided to enter because the grand prize was a trip to NYC and 5 finalists would get a work of art – worst case I would wind up with something to post!

Miru Kim's Artwork

If you aren't familiar with Twyla, I encourage you to take a look! They have an amazing curated collection from super talented artist! While there is definitely a place for artwork from larger vendors, having a limited print will make your room feel so much more special! SO I hopped on their site and was immediately drawn to the colors and juxtaposition of the bridge and the artist (it may be a little like where’s waldo, but you can find her).

SO I had the art. Now what? What kind of room did I want it to go in? Who was this imaginary client and why would they pick this artwork to feature in a room? I figured this client would be a lot like me :D They have a home office, are in their 30's and want a feminine vibe, but without PINK. I decided to create custom cabinetry as a back wall credenza to display fun decor on open shelves and the middle would frame the amazing work of art. From there I found furniture and decor which not only coordinated with the colors from the art, but also symbolized strength and femininity.

I created this look in Spring of 2017, so some of the items are no longer available to purchase so I removed the ones you can no longer purchase, but left the prices. Shop the look below:

Sconces $430
Horn Sculpture $120
Gold and Cork Vase $55
Cast Linked Bookends $225

Desk $1,398
Desk Chair $349
Pen Cup $6
Floral Arrangement $175
Tulip Roman Shades
Area Rug