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Me again…. So I know it has been AGES since my last post, so I guess I should take a brief minute to play catch-up! … I relocated from Charlotte, NC to Port Saint Lucie FLORIDA with my 2 crazy cats and happy wiener dog. There’s more to my story, but that’s all I am going to share in this post! SO since I am loving this sun and palm tree weather, I am leaning in more toward my favorite design style - - California Casual Design!!

I have always been super into Modern Boho Interiors with a strong mid-century influence and masculine lines. While I will still be working on those projects, I am also feeling the pull of soft tones and beachy textures and would love to embrace the new casual lifestyle.

SO all that being out of the way, LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!

Bedroom Design California Casual vibe room setup.jpg

For this one, I mixed a high Modern look of the Figure Drawing Artwork and A-lined Chair with a transitional spindle bed and muted area rug. Keeping it casual and not matchy-matchy, I decided to mix and match side tables with varying wood tones. Personally, I love mixing a rectangular nightstand with a round table, but also think this look is best in a guest bedroom. Something about the vibe just works. I’m a sucker for solid bedding. This duvet and sham set is a stonewashed linen which gives it a vintage feel and luxurious European Flax hand. Popping in distressed hand dyed pillows with a ticking stripe pattern and Cactus Silk patterned lumbar pillow act as the focal point. Finishing off this pretend room design, I added in transitional decor with a wild flower bouquet, a neutral Hydrangea Stem, and a faux olive tree placed in a wicker planter basket.

My Designer Tip of this post: Don’t Forget to DECORATE!

Even the prettiest rooms can wind up feeling flat. Why? Well, my simple answer is, if you don’t have the following things in your room texture / pattern / greenery / meaningful decor your room feels flat. Do you need real greenery? No. Do you need to spend a ton of money on blankets, pillows. decor, and art? No. Pick pieces that are meaningful to you. Go to Home Goods and find something inexpensive and mix it in with more expensive item - - No one will notice. Go to Walmart and find a Gem to display - - No one will notice. Go to Target and shop shop shop - - No one will care WHERE the items came from or ask how much you paid for something.

Bedroom Design California Casual vibe a shoppable design

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Square Pillows
Lumbar Pillow
Throw Blanket



Light Fixture

Well I hope you enjoyed this mini design! … Tell me what I should shop for next in the comments below OR by emailing me at … Have a specific project you want help with? Fill out my contact form by clicking here.

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