Start with Art Contest

Inspired by: Miru Kim, Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY, USA 

Inspired by: Miru Kim, Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY, USA 

Twyla held a design competition to get designers to be inspired by artwork and start by designing a room based on the art. I decided to enter because the grand prize was a trip to NYC and 5 finalists would get a work of art – worst case I would wind up with something to post!

Miru Kim's Artwork

If you aren't familiar with Twyla, I encourage you to take a look! They have an amazing curated collection from super talented artist! While there is definitely a place for artwork from larger vendors, having a limited print will make your room feel so much more special! SO I hopped on their site and was immediately drawn to the colors and juxtaposition of the bridge and the artist (it may be a little like where’s waldo, but you can find her).

SO I had the art. Now what? What kind of room did I want it to go in? Who was this imaginary client and why would they pick this artwork to feature in a room? I figured this client would be a lot like me :D They have a home office, are in their 30's and want a feminine vibe, but without PINK. I decided to create custom cabinetry as a back wall credenza to display fun decor on open shelves and the middle would frame the amazing work of art. From there I found furniture and decor which not only coordinated with the colors from the art, but also symbolized strength and femininity.

I created this look in Spring of 2017, so some of the items are no longer available to purchase so I removed the ones you can no longer purchase, but left the prices. Shop the look below:

Sconces $430
Horn Sculpture $120
Gold and Cork Vase $55
Cast Linked Bookends $225

Desk $1,398
Desk Chair $349
Pen Cup $6
Floral Arrangement $175
Tulip Roman Shades
Area Rug