Floral Explosion, A bedroom design

Hi Again Design Lovers,

This Master Suite design was completed for a Spring Design Competition, where the designers were tasked to create a Flower Power Design - any room, in any style, with any budget! The designers just had to stay within their ever growing preferred vendor list and interpret what was meant by FLOWER POWER.

My favorite preferred vendor HAS to be Kathy Kuo Home, and go figure, the natural wood poster bed steals the show! To the day, my post has over 300 likes, and the winning design has 70 – Check it out by clicking here (you can even check out my competition by clicking on the hashtags). 


Anyway, enough of my biased bitterness, and back to the description!

Flower Explosion in this spring update bedroom design featuring a poster bed, crisp white bedding, and floral accents.

The Floral Draperies are by the most amazing vendor for pillows, floor cushions, roman shades and of course – curtains! They have other product offerings, but for statement window treatments, look no further! As you can see from the BOLD floral draperies and the light PINK roman shades, this company has quite a selection. (Update: This company is actually going out of business and I am devastated!

The next most important piece to this room design, are the fantastic floral arrangements from Horchow. They may be a little more than you would want to pay for florals, but please don’t skimp and think something you purchase from Wayfair will be close to the same quality. I’m all for a good splurge and save, but when it comes to faux plants and floral arrangements, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Plus, if you go to the florist for and arrangement in a vase, you will spend around $70 (depending on the florist and flower selection) – so do you want fresh or a quality fake?

How fun is that wall hanging too?!?! West Elm killed it with their Janelle Gramling Wall Hanging in Stoneware. Most of my favorite art accessories from West Elm are actually collaborations with local artists. It really gives off a custom artisan look and you can find it from their website. You gotta know who you are working with. (PS my mom would cringe if she read that last sentence, but I write so you get to know me better, not a proper poet)

Take a look at the shopping list below:
Some of the following links are affiliated which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps keep me putting out fresh content to you guys.

Accent Table $800
Pink Pillow Embroidered $67.80
Table Lamps $179ea
Bed $3400 for a Queen
Wall Hanging $95
Floral $280- not the exact one, but super similar
Floral by Chairs $395
Chairs Purchase the cushions and the frame for around $845
Area Rug $800 for an 8’ x 10’ (Available in multiple sizes)
Throw Blanket Blush
White Bedding

If you would like me to shop for you or design a room of your dreams, check out how affordable the plans are, by clicking here.